Sandeep Garg Solutions Class 11 Economics 2021

Commerce is one of the most preferred courses amongst the students. In Commerce, economics is one subject that consumes most of the students time but is an interesting subject. Economics is one of the major subjects for Arts and Commerce students.
Economics demands serious effort, concept clarification because it has both a mathematical solution and theory. Regular practice, little extra effort, skillful study, and everyday practice will help students to obtain good marks.
To make the economic solution easy, Sandeep Garg Solutions for Class 11 Economics is regarded as one of the best books which can be referred to understand the basic concept of commerce, Economics. Sandeep Garg CBSE Solutions are prepared and written by professionals and experts in the Economics field.
Few features of Sandeep Garg textbook solutions for CBSE Economics that can ease students study process are:

  • All the concepts are in accordance with contemporary CBSE syllabus
  • Crisp, precise and clear solutions for lengthy questions
  • Small, medium, and long questions for preparation and revision

Sandeep Garg Class 11 Economics Syllabus, chapter wise is given below:

Tips and Tricks to excel Class 11 Economics Exam

Read Books

  • Refer Sandeep Garg for Economic solutions
  • Follow NCERT book for theory concepts as it is according to the CBSE syllabus.

Definitions & Purpose of Concept

  • Understand each concept definitions and reason behind it.
  • Learn by heart the definitions of each concept to obtain sure-shot marks.

Difference Between Questions

  • Present all the distinction or difference between questions in tabular form.
  • Basis should be mentioned for key differences.

Graphs, Charts and Formulas

  • All theories should be followed by a graphical image or tabular with formulas.
  • Draw the correct shape of curves. Use pencils for all diagrams.


  • Make chapter-wise notes for revision.
  • Mark tough concepts in red colour, to make it easy to remember the concept that requires more concentration.

Revision & Practice

  • Put together all the economics notes, practice & sample papers, formula sheets and start revising.
  • Allocate time properly for each chapter, revise the concept, and economic notes that you have marked red.
  • Solve previous years’ examination papers to understand the question paper format. Try to finish within three hours.

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