Online Conversion Tools

Conversion Tool Calculator is a CoolGyan’S free online tool that displays the conversion of one unit to the other unit in the metric system. A unit is defined as the standard measure of a quantity. It can also be defined for measurements. For example, the temperature is measured in degrees Celsius/ Fahrenheit, time is measured in seconds/minutes/ hour, and so on.

CoolGyan’S conversion tool is easy to use and can get the result instantly. Once the value is entered in the input field, the converted value will be displayed in the output with greater accuracy. In Maths, Physics, and Chemistry, we need a lot of unit conversion tools to make the process simpler.

CoolGyan’S online conversion tool changes the measured quantity of one unit to another unit of measure without changing the relative amount. The process of converting from one unit to another is called a unit conversion. It is also sometimes called dimensional analysis.

In Chemistry and Mathematics, a conversion factor is required to convert from one unit to another. Generally, in Science and Engineering, it makes use of different units. For example, the mass can be defined using different units, such as grams, tons, pounds; length can be defined using different units, like meter, inches, feet and so on. In case, if you’re working with the set of units, and one unit is different among them, you won’t get the correct answer. In such a case, the conversion of the unit is required. 

List of Online Conversion Tool
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