CBSE Class 7 Maths Revision Notes – Free Download

CBSE Class 7 Maths Revision Notes

CBSE Class 7 Maths Notes by CoolGyan is curated as per the syllabus of CBSE. This is why they are most preferred by students for their exam preparation. The step by step explanation and shortcut techniques in 7th Maths Notes have been provided to help you with a quick revision. Apart from this Class 7 Maths Notes, we offer you study material for all subjects from 7th standard as PDF downloads to ensure that you fetch subject-best scores.

Chapter wise Revision Notes for Class 7 Maths

CBSE Quick Revision Notes for Class 7 Maths – Free PDF Solutions

The 7th Standard Maths notes offered by us cover the main concepts from all chapters enlisted in NCERT Maths text for Class 7.

A firm grasp of the concepts within the above-mentioned chapters is a crucial prerequisite to ace Maths examination.

To create a strong foundation in Maths, you should practise these chapters thoroughly. It will increase your chances of bringing in higher grades.

Our revision notes have been created to guide you in your preparation before exams. The Class 7 Maths Notes come with explanation and analysis of all key topics in the above chapters. The study guides have been framed clearly and concisely to facilitate maximum understanding on your part. Each topic and subtopic has been highlighted to help you in quick and efficient revision before exams.

These revision notes have been compiled by some of the best Maths teachers according to the NCERT guidelines to make them accurate and high standard. Avail them easily via our online app for a smooth revision.

7th Standard Maths Notes – Revision Notes

Our Class 7 Maths Notes will help you revise the key concepts within the following chapters for thorough preparation.

  1. 7th Maths Notes 1st Chapter – Integers

Under this chapter, you will learn about integers which are a more significant collection of numbers formed by whole numbers and their negatives. Based on your prior knowledge of integers learned in the previous class, you will now learn in detail about the properties satisfied by the addition and subtraction of integers.

For instance, after going through our Class 7 Maths Notes, you will understand how addition is commutative and associative for integers.

  1. 7th Class Maths Notes 2nd Chapter – Fractions And Decimals

In this class, you will learn how to multiply and divide fractions and decimals. Our Class 7 Maths Notes will help you to revise that –

  1. The product of two proper fractions is less than each of the fractions that are being multiplied.

  2. The product of two improper fractions is higher than the two fractions.

  1. Class 7 Maths Notes 3rd Chapter – Data Handling

Go through our revision notes to revise how raw data is collected, organised and grouped to conclude a final result.

For this you should have a good idea of mean, median etc. within this chapter, you will also be learning in detail about probability where the chance of an event taking place is calculated.

  1. Class 7 Maths Notes PDF 4th Chapter – Simple Equations

In this section, you will learn how to write simple algebraic expressions that relate with some appropriate practical situations. You will also learn to construct equations to build an actual word problem from it.

Our Class 7 Maths Notes will provide you with a systematic method of solving an equation in a time-efficient manner.

  1. 7th Standard Maths Notes 5th Chapter – Lines and Angles

This chapter deals with line and angles. Download our Class 7 Maths Notes PDF to revise the definitions of essential terms related to this chapter. Since this chapter is significant from an exam-point, so you need to review this chapter thoroughly.

Our 7th Class Maths Notes not only provide the definition but also explains them in clear language to help you memorise the terms quickly.

  1. 7th Class Maths Notes PDF 6th Chapter – The Triangle and Its Properties

This chapter will expand on a student’s prior knowledge of triangles, which is a closed plane figure bounded by three line segments. In this class, you will learn that there are different types of triangles based on sides and angles.

Our notes on this chapter will help you understand that the sum of the lengths of any two sides of a triangle is greater than the length of its third side.

  1. Class 7th Maths Notes 7th Chapter – Congruence of Triangles

To understand this chapter, you should first know that two objects are called congruent when they are exact copies of each other. Thus, the relation between these two objects is known as congruence.

Read through our Class 7 Maths Notes to thoroughly revise the concepts within this chapter before your exams.

  1. 7th Maths Notes 8th Chapter – Comparing Quantities

A proper idea of this chapter is an essential inclusion in the syllabus. A student might be required to compare two quantities such as height, weight, marks etc.

This chapter will talk about some methods such as:

  • Ratio

  • Percentage

  • Simple interest

That is used for this purpose. Look through our Class 7 Maths Notes to understand the steps involved in each of the above methods.

  1. 7th Class Maths Notes 9th Chapter – Rational Numbers

Our 7th Maths Notes will help you to revise the crucial pointers under this chapter. Read through our notes to memorise the steps required while adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing rational numbers.

  1. Class 7 Maths Notes 10th Chapter – Practical Geometry

Until now, you have learned the basics of theoretical geometry. In this chapter, you will learn the practical application of your understanding of theoretical geometry.

This chapter will be very scoring from an examination point of view. Therefore practise the methods involved in constructing parallel lines and triangles by referring to our study materials.

  1. Class 7 Maths Notes PDF 11th Chapter – Perimeter and Area

In this section, students will be learning the formula used to find out the area of an equilateral triangle. The formulas have been explained in a step by step manner in our Class 7 Maths Notes which will help you to understand and memorise them quickly before exams.

  1. 7th Standard Maths Notes 12th Chapter – Algebraic Expressions

You will learn after going through this chapter that algebraic expressions are used in Mathematics to write rules and formulas concisely. Our revision notes contain in-depth explanations of the crucial points within this chapter such as variable, constant, coefficient, polynomial etc.

  1. 7th Class Maths Notes PDF 13th Chapter – Exponents and Powers

Download our study materials available in PDF format to recall your basic knowledge of exponents easily. Read through our 7th Class Maths Notes PDF carefully to understand the standard laws that are followed by numbers which are in their exponential form.

  1. Class 7th Maths Notes 14th Chapter – Symmetry

In this chapter, you will learn more about symmetry. After reading this chapter, you will understand that the study of symmetry is significant because of its frequent use in daily life because of the beautiful designs that it provides.

Our Class 7th Maths Notes lists the essential pointers that will aid you in understanding this chapter better.

  1. 7th Maths Notes 15th Chapter – Visualising Solid Shapes

Go through our notes where we have talked in detail about the crucial points from this chapter. After completing your revision of this chapter, you will understand that visualising solid shapes is an essential skill as it enables you to see the hidden parts of a particular shape.