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NCERT Class 12 Physics Solutions are fundamental to all Science subjects. It becomes more important when it is for Class 12 Physics as it determines your chosen path of career. Solving and reviewing Class 12 Physics is made easier by the Class 12 Physics NCERT Solutions by CoolGyan. To achieve excellence, you need to develop an in-depth understanding of each chapter comprising of various topics. CoolGyan offers solutions to questions for scoring high and developing knowledge related to Class 12 Physics.

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Physics NCERT Solutions for Class 12

What’s in there for you in NCERT Class 12 Physics

Physics NCERT Class 12 comprises a variety of chapters that gives you an overall idea about all the aspects of Physics. To strengthen the understanding you need, NCERT Solution for Class 12 Physics will play a pivotal role in clearing your doubts and developing strong ideas about how to deal with the subject. Chapter oriented approach makes it more efficient. Step by step explanation of scientific phenomena relevant to NCERT Class 12 Physics in a detailed manner is your key to ultimate success. Just have a quick look at the details of the chapters of NCERT Physics Class 12 Solutions. These concepts are further implemented for the holistic welfare of society. Without Physics that won’t be possible as the concepts could not be theorized. The supersonic era of today would not have been possible without the contribution of Physics. Civilization began to change for good, the moment fire was discovered by the man in ancient times. Since then, the wheel of technological advancement has been rolling, thanks to a newer interpretation of laws of Physics every day.

Chapter 1: Electric Charges and Field

The first chapter deals with electric charges, fields, and areas in which they are functional. In fact, Physics NCERT Class 12 covers all the types of electric charges that are found in the universe. The detailed discussion about the transference of electrons along an electric field is also made a part of it. As for the electric charges, their additivity, conservation, and quantization are also made a part of this chapter. Some theorems and laws associated with electric charges and electric fields, such as Gauss’ Law, comprised in this chapter. At the end of the lesson, there are questions from the chapter. Answer them to understand how well you have understood the topic. Solving exercises will help you know better whether the concepts are clear to you. Physics Class 12 NCERT Solutions by CoolGyan has the answers ready for you. Understanding the lesson deeply will be easier and more interesting than ever.

Chapter 2: Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Moving on to the second chapter of Class 12 Physics, you are introduced to the chapter of Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance. Different electric fields possess varying electrostatic potential. This chapter informs you about the difference within a single electric field regarding the potential between two points. You also get to know what contributes to the development of electrostatic potential while studying Physics NCERT Class 12. The potential gradient and energy in the external field is also a part of 12th Physics. This chapter is comprised of a number of formulae and terms associated with the electrostatic potential. Memorizing the formulae and appropriately implementing them in various derivations are important for you. So, you need to effectively memorize them. The NCERT Solutions Class 12 Physics by CoolGyan explains the formulae in a very detailed and minute manner. You can thus grip the topic easily. There are exercises at the end of the chapter for you to work out.

Chapter 3: Current Electricity

Following this comes the third chapter in NCERT Class 12 Physics on Current Electricity. Though all the chapters hold similar importance, this one is of particular consideration to crack various entrance exams and the CBSE board exams. This chapter of Class 12 Physics consists of 15 different topics, all of which you need to learn and understand well. The topics range from basic knowledge about electric current, its varying density to advanced information about the change in the flow of electric charge in different conductors. Both liquid conductors and the solid metallic conductors are brought to your attention. These are accompanied by Ohm’s Law, explanation of drift velocity, an idea about how resistivity and relaxation time are interrelated and so on. Here again, you have exercises to solve at the end of the chapter. CoolGyan provides NCERT Solution of Physics Class 12 with solved questions and explained formulae to assist you in understanding and memorizing the chapter.

Chapter 4: Moving Charges and Magnetism

The fourth chapter in Physics NCERT Class 12 is the Moving Charges and Magnetism. Understanding this and getting a clear idea about this particular chapter is essential as the following chapters are based on this one. Having an unclear idea about the basics will land you in trouble when you enter deeper into the subject and reach nearer to the CBSE board exams. This chapter, though shorter than the previous one, consists of 11 different topics in total. In this chapter, you get to learn about the magnetic force. With that, you also gather knowledge about motion along a magnetic field. This part of Class 12 Physics lets you know the Biot-Savart’s Law, Ampere’s Circuital Law, Solenoid and Toroid motion, the relationship among µ0, ɛ0 and c. Physics NCERT Solutions Class 12 by CoolGyan prepares you thoroughly by providing extensive solved questions and problems. Brief, concise and explanatory- all answers are provided herewith in such a way that the base of this chapter is strengthened in you. From here, you will be ready to take on the following chapters on magnetism.

Chapter 5: Magnetism and Matter

Magnetism and Matter is the fifth chapter in the syllabus of 12th Physics. The knowledge you gathered from the previous chapter will come handy here. From the basics of magnetism, this chapter makes you enter the world of matter with magnetism. It comprises of seven topics in total. Here you come across terms like the magnetism of earth and the property of magnetism present in various materials around us. You are also introduced to Magnetism and Gauss’ Law in more detail through this chapter. While learning this lesson you will also come across Electrostatic Analogue in a tabular form. NCERT Solution for Class 12 Physics prepared by CoolGyan aims to provide details about the magnetism and providing answers to the question in the NCERT book. You will not have any queries left unanswered once you finish studying and revising the solutions by CoolGyan, for the subject experts are consulted in preparing the online study material for you.

Chapter 6: Electromagnetic Induction

In the sixth chapter of Physics NCERT Class 12, you move further into the studies of magnetic fields and magnetism with respect to electromagnetic induction. Your previous knowledge about magnetism and matter will again be put to use when you set to learn this chapter. Ten topics in total build up the whole chapter while making you enlightened about the concept of magnetic induction. The new terms and details that you come across in this chapter are magnetic flux, inductance, eddy currents and a lot more. You get to enhance your knowledge in this regard by learning motional electromotive force, energy consideration, etc. several rules and laws that you get to delve into are Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic induction, Fleming’s Right Hand Rule, and Lenz’s Law. The NCERT Class 12 Physics Solutions cover this chapter with the utmost expertise and minute explanations of each law and rule. Mathematical derivations are also included for you to become skilled in it.

Chapter 7: Alternating Current

This is a relatively smaller chapter in the NCERT class 12 Physics with only nine topics in all. You get detailed knowledge and understanding about AC voltage and its application in resistor, capacitor, series LCR circuit, inductor, etc in the chapter. This chapter also highlights the properties and powers in the AC circuit, transformers, LC Oscillations, etc. Here also you will find exercises for you to solve. Opting for Physics NCERT Class 12 Solutions helps you immensely in this by providing answers to all these questions and also to additional questions from the chapter as well. Getting them solved serves all your queries and makes you thrive for more as you proceed with your knowledge.

Chapter 8: Electromagnetic Waves

This eighth chapter in Class 12 Physics is inclusive of three different topics together namely displacement current, electromagnetic waves, and the electromagnetic spectrum. All of them are interrelated and based on the common concept of magnetism. Here again, your previous knowledge will help you get a better understanding of this chapter. The different electromagnetic waves are explained in this chapter which includes microwaves, x-rays, radio waves and also their usage in practical life. In this regard, you also get to know about Maxwell’s Equation. The frequency of the different electromagnetic waves and their wavelengths etc are also a part of the NCERT Physics chapter in class 12. The CoolGyan Physics Solution gives you solved out end-of-the-chapter questions and also provides additional Maths and problems based on the same concept.

Chapter 9: Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

Like magnetism and magnetic fields, the ninth chapter of Class 12 Physics holds similar importance for the board exam aspirants. This chapter mainly revolves around the optical instruments in use, spherical mirrors, and their activities in reflecting as well as refracting light, etc. Reflection and refraction concepts are also explained in detail in this chapter. Refraction by lenses and total internal reflection are two more areas where you build your knowledge in. You are introduced to the unique feature of prism in dispersing the light and several seemingly unique phenomena of sunlight. This chapter is also not devoid of exercises and problems for you to solve. Their contribution in improving your knowledge and skills can never be ignored.

Chapter 10: Wave Optics

Moving forward from ray optics, the tenth chapter in NCERT Physics Class 12 briefs you with wave optics and its properties. Though the chapter covers fewer topics, it does not lose its importance in board exams or in other competitive exams that you will be appearing in after class 12. Here you get to know about the Huygens Principle and its different applications in refraction and reflection of plane waves. Polarisation and interference of light waves are also included in this chapter. You will be taught about Young’s experiment and the applications of wave optics in various aspects like thin films, 3D glasses, etc. The incoherent addition of waves is also discussed in this chapter to make you knowledgeable about every aspect of this field. Class 12 NCERT Solutions Physics online study material from CoolGyan smoothens your way to learn the lesson by heart and enhances your knowledge to make you ready for the board exams.

Chapter 11: Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter

When you reach the eleventh chapter in the Class 12 Physics NCERT book, you reach the point where you come across arguments regarding the nature of radiation and the properties it showcases in different situations. It has long been a topic of debate whether radiation resembles a wave or a particle or both in appearance and property. Whether the same dualism is also present in the case of matters is also made a part of the argument in this chapter. Besides this, the chapter also enlightens you about the photoelectric effects of light, the Wave Theory, Wave Nature of matters around us, etc. Most importantly, this chapter instructs you about the photoelectric equation of Einstein. You will be amazed at the level of new ideas opened up in front of you. Energy quantum of radiation is another topic you learn from here. CoolGyan has reference solutions ready for you for acing the chapters skilfully.

Chapter 12: Atoms

From matters and their particle-wave duality, the twelfth chapter reaches the detailed discussion about atoms, the fundamental to all organic and inorganic items surrounding us. This chapter is comprised of six topics bearing details of Rutherford’s nuclear model, Bohr Model of the hydrogen atom, scattering of alpha particles, atomic spectra, etc. How DE Broglie explained the second postulate of quantization by Bohr is one of the interesting topics you get to learn here. Speaking of the Hydrogen atom, the line spectra are also mentioned here with regards to the structure and properties of the atom. Reading this chapter makes you understand the most basic structure of what our surrounding is made with. The more you study the NCERT Solution for Class 12 Physics by CoolGyan, the easier it’ll be for you to memorize the facts and answer the questions asked in the exams to come.

Chapter 13: Nuclei

From atom in the previous chapter, the NCERT Physics for Class 12 moves on to the centre of the atom i.e. the nuclei. This chapter again consists of a number of topics that talk about the nucleus of an atom, kits size, force, and energy it contains, the radioactivity properties, etc. The nuclei of different atoms interact in different manners, this interaction process of the nuclei is also a topic of discussion in this chapter. Our world today is going through an energy crisis. Nuclear energy can bring a permanent solution to it. This chapter gives you a brief idea of that too. More insights are provided to you by the Physics NCERT Solutions Class 12 which makes you more learned in this and prepares you to score high in the upcoming board exams.

Chapter 14: Semiconductor Electronics Materials Devices And Simple Circuits

This chapter consisting of eleven topics depicts the classification of semiconductors, insulators, metals, etc. This chapter makes you aware of the differentiation between extrinsic and intrinsic semiconductors. Here you also get knowledge about semiconductor diode and its application for the purpose of a rectifier. The chapter concludes with a set of exercises for you to solve. See how well you can work them out for that will indicate how well you have learned them with NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics. 

Chapter 15: Communications System

When you reach the end of the book of NCERT Physics Class 12, you get introduced to the communication systems comprising of ten topics. You have had known earlier that the communication system mainly consists of three basic elements, namely, the transmitter, the channel and the receiver. In this chapter, you’ll get more detailed knowledge about each of these elements. In the course of doing so, the chapter also fills your pool of knowledge with information about transmission medium bandwidth, amplitude modulation, and its necessity, how amplitude modulated waves are formed and can be detected, electromagnetic waves and their propagation, etc. Following this, there is an exercise for the final check of your progress this far. This will make your learning easy and more accurate with the help of the CoolGyan NCERT Physics Class 12 Solution.