NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Indian Economic Development – Free PDF Download

Class 12 Indian Economic Development NCERT Textbook Solutions – Free PDF download

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Economics Indian Economic development, prepared by CoolGyan will give a complete idea about the various concepts in the chapter. Our master tutors from renowned universities have prepared solutions that are easy to understand. You can practice complex questions from the exercise and find relevant answers with our study guide. Economics is an important subject that tells you about society and people. With our Class 12 Indian Economic development NCERT solutions questions and answers, Economics will become interesting like never before.

Class 12 Indian Economic Development NCERT Textbook Solutions – Free PDF download

The solutions of Class 12 Indian Economic development has numerous chapters and topics covered in them. It is necessary to have a detailed understanding of these chapters to score good marks. Our solutions will help you in understanding the same.

The topics and chapters in Indian economy NCERT Class 12 are as follows :

Chapter 1: Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence

  • – Low level of economic development under the Colonial rule
    – Agricultural Sector
    – Industrial sector
    – Foreign Trade
    – Demographic Condition
    – Occupational Structure
    – Infrastructure

There is a total of 16 questions in this chapter. Some are of long format which some are of sort format. NCERT solution Indian Economic development Class 12 by CoolGyan provides accurate solutions for all.

Chapter 2: Indian Economy (1950- 1990)

  • – The Goals of the Five Year Plan
    – Agriculture
    – Industry And Trade
    – Trade Policy: Import substitution


This chapter offers you a total of 19 questions. The exercise is created to help you test the conceptual understanding of this chapter. The Class 12 Indian economy NCERT solutions by vedantu gives you the perfect answers for all the questions in the exercise.

Chapter 3 : Librelization, Privatization and Globalization : An appraisal

– Background
– Liberalization
– Privatization
– Globalization
– Indian Economy During Reform an Assessment


This chapter in the Indian Economic development Class 12 NCERT holds a total of 16 questions. Some need objective answers while others need subjective answers. These are completely based on your understanding of the chapter. The solutions help you get a deeper understanding if you get stuck anywhere.

Chapter 4: Poverty

– Who are the poor people
– How are the Poor people identified
– Number of poor people in India
– What causes poverty
– Policies and Programs towards the poverty alleviation
– Poverty alleviation programs – a Critical assessment


Having a total of 10 questions, this chapter needs a proper analysis of the chapter. The solutions are prepared on similar lines making it possible for students to understand the chapter in-depth with ease.

Chapter 5: Human capital formation in India

– What is Human capital
– Sources of Human capital
– Human Capital and Human development
– State Of human Capital formation in India
– Education sector in India
– Future prospects


Class 12 Indian Economic development NCERT solutions provide perfect and accurate answers to all the 20 questions of this chapter. The solutions first help you to test your level of understanding of the chapter. Later, the same can be used as study materials for the exams.

Chapter 6: Rural Development

– What is rural development
– Credit and marketing in rural areas
– Agricultural market system
– Diversification into productive activities
– Sustainable Development and Organic farming


This chapter offers a total of 17 questions for you. You need to answer them to test your knowledge of the subject. Class 12 Indian Economic development solutions has answers to all the questions in the exercise so that you can cross verify them once you have finished answering those questions.

Chapter 7: Employment growth, formalization and other issues

– Workers and Employment
– Participation of People in Employment
– Self Employed and hired workers
– Employment in firms, factories and offices
– Growth and the changing structure of employment
– Informalization of Indian workforce
– Unemployment
– Government and employment generation


Twenty-two questions are available in the exercises in this chapter. Being quite huge, the questions tend to get complicated. If you get stuck answering them, you can always bank on Indian economy Class 12 NCERT solutions to give you the perfect and precision answers for the question.

Chapter 8: Infrastructure

– What is infrastructure
– Relevance of Infrastructure
– The state of infrastructure in India
– Energy
– Health


This chapter of Indian Economic development Class 12 has a total of 21 questions. The NCERT solutions from CoolGyan offers all the correct answers to the questions in the exercises.

Chapter 9 : Environment and sustainable development

– Environment – Definition and Function
– State of India’s Environment
– Sustainable Development
– Strategies for Sustainable development

This chapter offers a total of 19 questions for students knowledge testing. Having answered them all, the students can check their answers with the EconomicsClass 12 NCERT solutions by CoolGyan to get the perfect idea of what is being expected in the examination. As these solutions are prepared by expert teachers, they provide answers just like it is required in the exam.

Chapter 10: Comparative development experience of India and its Neighbours

– Developmental Path – A snapshot view
– Demographic indicators
– Gross domestic product and sectors
– Indicators of human development
– Development strategies –  An appraisal


This chapter is the smallest of all with only 5 questions. But as the chapter is subjective, it needs a proper understanding of the topics to be able to answer them all. These NCERT solutions do this task for you. These solutions have answers just like the way it is necessary to be written in the exams.