NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 9 – Fog

Class 10 English First Flight NCERT Solutions Poem 9 – Fog

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight (Textbook in English for class X) covering all question answers of lessons and poetry and Footprints without feet (Supplementary Reader) updated for new academic session 2020-21.
Revision Notes Class 10 English

Poem Name Fog
Chapter Chapter 9
Class Class 10
Subject English Ncert Solutions
Board CBSE
Category CBSE NCERT Solutions


Page No: 115 Thinking about the Poem
1. (i) What does Sandburg think the fog is like?
(ii) How does the fog come?
(iii) What does ‘it’ in the third line refer to?
(iv) Does the poet actually say that the fog is like a cat? Find three things that tell us that the fog is like a cat.

Ans: (i) According to Sandburg, the fog is like a cat.
(ii) The fog comes on little cat feet.
(iii) In the third line ‘it’ refers to the fog that has covered the city and it seems as if it is looking over the city like a cat.
(iv) No, the poet does not actually say that the fog is like a cat. However, he has used cat as a metaphor for describing the fog. He says that the fog comes on its little cat feet, which implies that the fog, like a cat, comes slowly. He also says that the fog looks over the harbor and the city and then moves on, implying that the fog has covered the city and is sitting and looking at it, thereby again comparing it to a cat. This is reiterated when he says that the fog looks over the city sitting on ‘silent hunches’. This also shows the reference to a cat as a cat always sits with its knees bent. Hence, he has compared the fog to a cat without actually saying so.

2. You know that a metaphor compares two things by transferring a feature of one thing to the other (See Unit 1).
(i) Find metaphors for the following words and complete the table below.
Also try to say how they are alike. The first is done for you.

Storm Tiger Pounces over the fields, growls


Storm Tiger  Pounces over the fields, growls
Train Gush of wind  Very fast movement
Fire Anger  Danger that surrounds both on the basis of their intensities
School Gateway  Leads to adulthood and a life of responsibility
Home Nest  Provides hospitable, loving environment

3. Does this poem have a rhyme scheme? Poetry that does not have an obvious rhythm or rhyme is called ‘free verse’.
Ans: No, this poem does not have a rhyme scheme. It is written in free verse.

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