Rainy Day Essay for Class 3

When clouds start gathering in the sky, and the sunlight slowly dims away, we know it is going to be a rainy day. Everyone looks forward to a rainy-day during summer. Sometimes rainy days make us feel gloomy. However, a rainy day has its beauty and makes the surrounding fresh.

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Short Essay on Rainy Day of 100 Words

It is beautiful to wake up to a rainy day and the sound of rainfall. The weather becomes so comfortable that we don’t want to get up, but it feels great to run out and feel the rain touch us.

The weather becomes a little colder, but we wear our raincoats and use an umbrella to go out to do our daily tasks. The roads are covered with puddles, and the street animals shelter themselves from the rain.

A rainy day brings joy and washes out all our worries. As beautiful flowers bloom after a rainy day, we also begin our next day with a fresh start.

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Long Essay on Rainy Day of 150 Words

A rainy day is marked by black clouds gathering in the sky. The morning light slowly vanishes and is replaced by the glow of thunder. As it starts raining, the sound of rain surrounds us. A white curtain of rainfall covers our vision.

People wear raincoats and use an umbrella on rainy days. Children like to get soiled by walking into puddles and getting wet in the rain. A rainy day can sometimes slow a day’s work, but it is beneficial for farmers and their crops. The weather becomes pleasant for the day. A cool breeze blows through the air and makes the surrounding very comfortable. A rainy day is good for trees and plants as well.

If the rain stops in the afternoon, sometimes we get to see a beautiful sunset with rainbows. But, when it rains whole night too, we fall asleep to the sound of the rainfall.

10 Lines on Rainy Day in English

  1. During a rainy day, the sky is always covered with black clouds, and it often thunders.
  2. Everyone uses an umbrella and raincoats so that they don’t get wet in the rain.
  3. A rainy day is a blessing to farmers as their crops grow better when it rains.
  4. Children like to play around in the rain and get themselves wet.
  5. Street animals often seek shelter inside garages and under parked vehicles.
  6. The weather on a rainy day is cold and pleasant. The rainfall also accompanies a chilly breeze.
  7. Labour life is problematic on a rainy day as the rain often hinders their work.
  8. The sky after the rain is beautiful and we often get to see rainbows.
  9. A rainy day during summer season makes us feel relaxed and saves us from the heat.
  10. Kids love to watch the rain from their windows on a rainy day.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rainy Day Essay for Class 3

Question: What do people do on rainy days?

Answer: People have to do their usual work even on a rainy day. They use raincoats and umbrella while travelling. Some people enjoy the rain, but for some, it might be problematic. People take off days from work as well and relax at home to enjoy the rain outside. The sound of rain helps to meditate and get rid of stress.

Question: Why do kids love rainy days?

Answer: Kids enjoy something different from their daily routine. Kids like to get wet and play with their friends in the rain. The pleasant weather makes them happy, and they also enjoy watching the rain from their homes.

Question: How can a rainy day be helpful?

Answer: A rainy day is not only helpful for a farmer’s crops but also for ordinary people to breathe in the fresh air and relax for a day.