Essay on My Birthday Party for Class 5

My birthday is in the month of December. The weather is lovely at this time. My birthday parties are always filled with excitement. We still have two birthday celebrations. One takes place at night when the clock strikes at midnight, and the other in the evening with friends and family.
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Short Essay on My Birthday of 100 Words in English

My birthdays are always enjoyable. My parents throw two parties for me. One celebration takes place at midnight, where my family comes together, and we cut the cake. The other party is thrown in the evening where my school, friends and other relatives come together to celebrate.
I usually have school on my birthdays. It is enjoyable to go to school on that day. That is the only day when I am allowed to wear a coloured dress. It gives me a lot of pf joy to dress up while all my other classmates wear school uniform.
Our teacher allows us to select a friend so that we can go around distributing chocolates to everyone. We even get to miss two classes and roam around the school.
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Long Essay on My Birthday of 150 Words in English

Birthdays are very exciting for me. My parents give me several gifts. Last year I got a bicycle, and it is my favourite gift so far. They also throw two parties on every birthday.
I cut the cake at midnight on my birthday when all my family comes together.Another party takes place in the evening when all my friends and other relatives come together to celebrate.
In school, I am allowed to wear a coloured dress for my birthday. I always wear the prettiest of my clothes and take a lot of chocolates with me to school. The entire class sings ‘Happy Birthday to me.
Then the teacher also allows me to take a friend and distribute chocolates. At evening everyone comes to my house. I cut the cake, and my mother cooks dinner. I play with my friends and get a lot of gifts as well.
Everyone brings chocolates. My grandparents also come and visit us. I enjoy my birthdays and always wait for the next one to arrive.

10 Lines on My Birthday in English

  1. My parents give me a lot of gifts.
  2. I get to wear a colourful dress in school.
  3. My mother cooks my favourites dishes as dinner.
  4. I get to take my best friend with me and distribute chocolates to everyone in the school.
  5. My friends come to my house in the evening.
  6. The whole class in school sings ‘Happy Birthday to me.
  7. My cousins also come to visit me.
  8. Whoever comes to visit on the day brings gifts and chocolates for me.
  9. My Grandparents also come to our house and visit me on this day.
  10. Birthdays are my favourite days in the years.

Frequently Asked Questions on My Birthday Party Essay

Question 1: Why do you like to go to school on that day?
Answer: I like to go to school on that day because I feel special. Everyone wears uniforms, but I get to wear coloured dresses. I take chocolates with me and distribute them to my classmates and the teachers.
Question 2: What gifts do you get?
Answer: I get a lot of gifts. My parents always give me things that I wish for. All my friends and relatives also bring beautiful gifts in the evening. The best part is that I get a lot of chocolates.
Question 3: What is the best part of your birthday?
Answer: The best part of my birthday is that I don’t have to study. No one asks me about exams and school. All my friends come home, and I get to play for the entire day. My mother also cooks all my favourite dishes.