Important Questions Class 12 Geography Chapter 7 Tertiary and Quaternary Activities

CBSE Class 12 Geography Chapter 7 Tertiary and Quaternary Activities Important Questions – Free PDF Download

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CBSE Class 12 Geography Important Questions
Chapter 7 Tertiary and Quaternary Activities

Ch-07 Tertiary and Quaternary Activities

Very Short Answer Questions
Q-1 What is quaternary services?
Ans. Quaternary activities involve some of the following: the collection, production dissemination of information or even the production of information.
Q-2 What is a techno pole?
Ans. A techno pole is a concentrated place of modern industries and production which is based on industrial planning.

Short Answer Questions
Q-3 What are the major components of services?
Ans. Major components of services may be grouped as follows: –
(i) business services including advertising, legal services ,public relations and consultancies
(ii) Finance ,insurance and real estate including saving and banking services.
(iii) Wholesale and retail trading linking the producers with consumers.
Personal services such as maintenance services, beauticians and repair works.
(iv) Transport and communication including post and telegraph services.
(v) Entertainment including T.V.,Radio, Films and publishing.
(vi) Govt,services including bureaucrats ,police ,army.
(vii) Non.Govt. agencies setup for charity, education, health care rural development etc.
Q-4 Why is the share of employment in tertiary sector increasing throughout the world? Give reason.
Ans – The share of employment in the tertiary sector is increasing throughout the world due to –
– Increase in per capita income in developed countries.25
– Development in medical facilities. The changes have taken place in demographic structure in developed nations and demand in medical facilities has increased for adult population.
– Enhancement in educational services
– Acceleration in public sector services.
– Out sourcing in developed nations
Q-5 How do the tertiary occupation helpful in the economic development of a country ? Explain with suitable example .
Ans – In service sector the gross and retail sale is included and it includes mean of transportation which joins the producers and the consumers.
– These occupations are helpful for To and For supply of raw material and manufacture goods for the factories.
– Health welfare, education, amusement and commercial services are helpful in the economic development of the nation.
– These occupations have increase employment opportunities.
– Service sectors is considered as the last stage of the development.

Long Answer Questions
Q-6 The diagram given below shows the employment shares by economic sector in U.S.A. study the diagram and answer the questions that follow:-

(i)In which sector is the share of employment declining continuously?
Ans – (i) Agricultural Occupation, Due to mechanization.
(ii)Name the sector in which the share of employment is increasing continuously.
Ans – (ii) Other service sector & progress in per capita income.
(iii)What do you conclude from the answer of the above two questions.
Ans – (iii) Tertiary occupation are over powering primary occupation.