Important Questions Class 12 Geography Chapter 5 Primary Activities

CBSE Class 12 Geography Chapter 5 Primary Activities Important Questions – Free PDF Download

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CBSE Class 12 Geography Important Questions
Chapter 5 Primary Activities

Ch-05 Primary Activities

Very Short Answer Questions
Q.1. The process of migration from plain areas to pastures on mountains during summers and again from mountain pastures to plain areas during winters is known as by what term?
Ans. Trans humance.
Q.2. In which agriculture single crop specialization is one of the features?
Ans. Plantation agriculture.
Q.3. In the former Soviet Union to improve upon the inefficiency of the previous methods of agriculture and to boost agricultural production for self-sufficiency what type of collective farming was introduced?
Ans. Kolkhoz.

Short Answer Questions
Q.1 Why has Gathering little chance of becoming important at the global level?
Ans. Products of gathering cannot compete in the world market moreover, synthetic products often of better quality and at lower prices, have replaced many items supplied by the gatherers in the world.
Q.2 What are the scientific basis of rearing in ranches?
Ans. The main emphasis is on breeding, genetic improvement, disease control and health care of the animals.
Q.3 Maintenance of soil fertility is an important feature in mixed farming discuss.
Ans. This form of agriculture is found in the highly developed parts of the world and equal emphasis is laid on crop cultivation and animal husbandry. Since this farming is characterized by high capital expenditure on farm machinery and building and extensive use of chemical fertilizer and green manures and also by the skill of farmers for crop rotation and inter cropping play an important of maintaining soil fertility.
Q. 4 Market gardening and Horticulture is considered both labour and capital intensive. Discuss.
Ans. Market gardening and horticulture specialize in the cultivation of high value crops such as urban markets. Farms are small and are located where there are good transportation links with the urban centre where high income group of consumers is located and all sorts of modern methodology of farm practice in taken on.
Q.5 Why do in the developed economies are retreating from mining?
Ans. In the developed economics of the world countries, the processing and refining stages of production due to high labour costs and striving for higher standard of living are becoming more important therefore a recession trend of mining is found.

Long Answer Questions
Q.1 In the provided map of the world the areas of commercial livestock herding and pastoral livestock herding are shown. Study the map and answer the questions which follow.
1. Mention the three main regions of pastoral nomadism.
2. Mention the countries of commercial livestock herding.
3. Write two characteristics for each of the commercial and pastoral live stock herding.
Ans. 1.1 An extensive region which starts from sahel and sahara (Africa) to mongolia and extending upto central Asia (China)
1.2 South Tundra region to Eurasia.
1.3 South western Africa and western Medgascar.
2.1 The important Countries of commercial livestock herding include USA, Canada, Avgentina, UK, Franch, Denmark, Germany, Russia, Australia & New Zealand.
3. Characteristics of commercial live stock herding.
The animal rearing is based on scientific method of modern age.
The modern breed of cows giving more milk namely holstein, Jersey, Ireshire and Brown swiss are reared.
For beef cattle of high yielding varieties like Harford, Angus, Abrdeen and for wool Marino sheep are reared.
In developed countries cultivation of fodder, processing of milk and packing of meat is done by machines.
Nomadic Herders:-
Reducing in the form of economic system.
The years long droughts are causing famine like condition and life is hard in these areas and the modern changes are bringing in changes in their life style.