Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 12 - Consumer Protection

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CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Important Questions Chapter 12 – Consumer Protection

Q1) Which consumer right gives the business firms freedom to set up their own consumer service and grievance cells?
Ans 1) Right to representation.
Q2) Mention when as a consumer you are not in a position to resolve your grievance under consumer protection act.
Ans 2) As a consumer we are not in a position to resolve our grievances when we have not fulfilled the responsibilities of a consumer.
Q3) Sandeep purchased a diesel car for Rs. 7 lacs from an automobile company and found its engine defective. Despite many complaints the defect was not rectified .Suggest to him the appropriate authority where he could file a complaint under consumer protection Act.
Ans) District Forum.
Q4) A co. is using sub- slandered electric wiring in its coolers. Which
consumer right is being violed?
Ans) right to safety.
Q5) Which document serves as an evidence of purchase?
Ans) “Cash Memo.”
Q6) Rita wants to buy a packet of juice .As an aware customer how can she be sure about the quality of juice she palns to buy?
Ans) Rita can check for FPO (Fruit product order 1955) certifications. She can check the date of manufacture and expiry and check the storage / display conditions.
Q7) Mr. Soni a consumer purchased medicines without noticing the date of expiry . He also did not obtain the cash memo. Do you think he will be able to protect himself by the loss caused due to expired medicines ? give reasons in support of your answer?
Ans) In the given case, Mr. soni as a consumer was not able to fulfill his
responsibility at two fronts.
(I) He didn’t go through the packing specifications mentioned on the product
at the time of purchase.
(II) Most importantly , he did not obtain the cash memo from the surer. A
cash memo is a proof of purchase and it is must for filing any complaint.
Hence , he will not be able to protect himself by the loss caused due to
expired medicines.
Q8) Mr. Verma who was a vegetarian went to a snack bar for having French fries and later found out that it had non-vegetarian content. Neither the advertisement nor the packing of the product displayed that the product has non-vegetarian content. Will Mr. Verma be able to claim compensation which right of the consumer is violated here?
Ans) In the given case there is violation of the consumer right to know .Acc. to the amendment of the regulations in weight and measurement Act.(2000) every product should explicitly bear a green dot for vegetarian ingredients while brown reveals that non-vegetarian ingredients have been used. It is also mandatory to show the dot on an advertisements electronic or press and all posters ,banners ,stunts etc. hence Mr. Bharti would be able to claim the compensation.
Q9) As a well informed consumer. what kind of quality certification marks you will. Look for before buying ‘products? Specify any 6.
Ans) Some of the quality certification marks are:
(1) FPO( Fruit Products Order 1955) – It contains specification and quality control requirements regarding the production and marketing of processed fruits and vegetables ,sweetened aerated water, vinegar and synthetic syrups.
(2) ISI- On consumer durable products.
(3) Hall mark- BIS certification scheme for gold jewellery items.
(4) Earthen Pitcher –For Labeling Environment friendly products.
(5) AGMARK – It is a grade standard for agricultural commodities and like
stock products.
(6) Wool mark- It signifies 100% pure wool.
Q10) A shopkeeper sold you some spices, claiming that they were pure. Later a laboratory test formed that those were adulterated what precautions should you have taken before buying and what remedies are available to you for the wrong act?
Ans) We should have been conscious about quality and should obtain cash memo from the seller while purchasing goods. The remedies available are:
(1) Getting the product replaced
(2) Getting the refund of the price
(3) Compensation.
Q11) What is the quality mark provided to agricultural commodities and live stock products?
Q12) Name any two NGO’s engaged in protecting and promoting consumer’s interest.
Ans) (a) Consumer co ordination council ,Delhi
(b) Consumers Association, Kolkata .
Q13) Saroj wants to file a complaint where the value of goods or services in question along with the compensation claimed amounts to 25 lakhs.
Ans) State Commission.
Questions on Remedies available Role of NGO’s
Q1. Geeta’s mother bought a facial streamer from “Nova Electricals”. Her mother got electric shock while using the steamer and she had to be taken to a doctor. Which remedy is available to her? (1)
Q2. Sohan’s maid gifted a refrigerator worth Rs. 18,500 to her daughter on her marriage which was later found defective. She being poor and illiterate does not know how to forward her complaint in consumer court. Suggest her, whom can she approach for forwarding her case. (1)
Q3. Soni, purchased and used a bleach cream which was expired. She got cars on her face due to this. Give any one relief available to soni, who suffered scars on her face due to usage of expired bleach cream. (1)
Q4. On the occasion of “Dhan-Teras” Mr. Aakash went to market for purchasing utensils. He bought pressure cocker from a shop. The shop was over- crowded on the festival, so he did not obtain the cash – memo for the purchase and did not check its certification. Next day, his wife used the cooker, which bursted and his wife suffered injuries.
(1) Identify and explain the consumer liabilities which have not been discharged by Mr. Aakash.
(2) Mention the values which have been ignored by the seller as well as of Mr. Aakash.
Q5. Tanya purchased some household goods from a “General Store’ on reaching home, she found that one face cream, (Rs. 250) had not been billed. She became happy that, she got it without paying for. After checking the expiry date and other details, she started using it. Her face burn due to the use of cream.
(1) Where should Tanya file the complaint for the for the cream? Justify.
(2) Which values have been violated here?
Q6. Smriti purchased a hand blender from an electronic store and got the cash memo of Rs. 1500 which she paid for the blender. Later, she found that the actual price of the blender was Rs. 1200 but the shopkeeper had pasted a stricker of Rs. 1500 on the original price. Can smriti recover the extra money that she paid? What other options are available to her against the shopkeeper?
Q7. Joseph had got a confirmed ticket of Jet Airways. The flight was later cancelled on account of technical problem. Is it a deficiency in service What relief can Joseph seek in this regard?
Q8. Kabir bought a piece of cloth for getting a pant stitched from a dealer for Rs. 1000/- with proper receipt. His tailor detected manufacturing defect in the pant piece. The shopkeeper refused to change or compensate. What relief can Kabir seek in this regard?

Q9. ‘Sehaj bought Teak wood furniture for his drawing room from “Akshay Decors” of Kirti Nagar, Delhi for Rs. 4 lakhs. At the time of purchase the firm assured sehaj about the best quality of the said furniture and gave2 years warranty starting that if anything goes wrong, the firm shall replace it with a new one or refund the purchase amount. But the dining table and chairs started developing cracks at various places and the polish’ became very dull within 30 days of purchase. Sehaj reported the matters to the firm and requested a number of times to replace the furniture. The firm neither paid attention to these requests nor replaced the furniture.
(1) Identity the consumer rights which have been violated by the furniture manufacturer.
(2) Where can sehaj lodge complaint for this?
(3) Mention the values.
(4) Which have been violated by the firm.

Q10. Name the products to which the following quality certification marks are associated.