Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 11 - Marketing

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CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Important Questions Chapter 11 – Marketing

Q1. Give two example of shopping products.
Ans. a) Clothes
b) Shoes
Q2. From producer to retailer to consumer identify the type of channel of distribution.
Ans. One Level channel.
Q4. Which channel will you recommend for distribution of perishable goods?
Ans. zero Level or One Level Channel.
Q5. Name any two print medias of advertising.
Ans. Magazines, Newspapers.
Q6. Name the concept of marketing which pays attention to the Social, Ethical and ecological aspects of marketing along with consumer satisfaction.
Ans. Societal concept of marketing
Q7 How does labeling act as a silent Salesman?
Ans Labeling act as a silent salesman because it helps in promotion of products by attracting the attention of customers and providing required information.
Q8 Name the non paid and non personal form of promotional tool.
Ans. Publicity.
Q9 Advertising encourages sale of inferior and dubious products and ‘Advertising confuses rather than help’s . Do you agree? Give reasons.
‘Advertising costs are passed on to the consumers in the form of higher prices” and ‘ Some advertisements are in bad taste’. Do you agree? Give reasons in support of your answer.
Ans. no, explain the arguments in favor and against of advertising. Conclusion: in the era of globalization advertising is considered as an important tool of helps in increasing sales and thereby reducing is not a social waste rather boosts production and employment.
Q10 .As a publisher, you have published a new book on marketing management. How will you determine the price of this book?
Ans. Hint- For following factors are to be discussed before fixing price of the book.
a) cost of Production.
b) Demand of the book.
c) Price of other competitive books.
d) Purchasing power of the customer.
e) Gout regulation etc.
Q11. You have invented a new device to detect impurities in petrol. Which two advertising media would you use and why?
Ans. Two methods of advertising that I would adopt are
1) Newspaper and television
2) Direct selling at the point of purchase of petrol i.e. at petrol pump.
Reasons for opting for direct selling at petrol pumps are –
1) this method is suitable for introducing new product.
2) It will each directly to the targeted consumer group.
3) The working of the new device can be demonstrated to the consumers at the site itself.
Q12. “Introducing a scheme of 50% + 40% less by the koutons” is the example of which sales promotion technique?
Ans: The name of this sales promotion scheme is ‘Discount”.
Q13. Name the Sales promotion technique in which ‘Scratch Cards’ are used?
Ans. It is “Instant draw and assigned gift”.
Q14. ‘Automobiles Ltd. Offered to sell their new bike at about Rs. 4000 less than the usual price’ is an example of sales promotion. Name the technique and explain two other techniwith examples.
Ans: Hints: The name of this technique is ‘Rebate’. Under it. , in order to clear the excess stock products are offered at reduced prices. Explain two other techni such as full finance @0% and samples.
Q1. “Progressive School” focuses on all round development of the students and to enhance this, has club activities on every saturday. The students of “Elocution Club” of Class XI and XII were given the topic “Advertisement” for debate. There were 3 students in favour of motion and 3 students against the topic their expressions were as follows:
Student-I: Advertisement reduces the cost of the product.
Student-II: Advertisement provides knowledge of various products.
Student-III: Advertisement improves quality of products. Against –
Student-IV – Advertisement adds to the cost of product.
Student-V – Advertisement cenfuses the buyers.
Student-VI – It encourages the sale of inferior products.
How far do you subscribe to the above views? Give reasons for your answer. (6)
Q2. Business Studies of Class XII – Commerce section was going on. The teacher was keen of teaching the topic of sales promotion by “Teaching through Games”. Hence, she prepared flash cards and divided the class into 02 groups. The students were asked to make combination of the alternatives of sales promotion and were also asked to identify and name the method of sales promotion which they made.
Group I Group II(1) Pasta (a) Toothbrush
(2) Cars (b) Gold pendent (3) Shoes (c) 25% discount
(4) Washing powder (d) olive oil pouch (5) Toothpaste (e) Liquid soap (for utensils)
(6) Bathing soap (f) Full finance @ 0%
Identify the combinations of alternatives made by students and name the method of sales promotion associated with it.
Q3. ‘Various tools of communication are used by the marketers to promote their products.’
(a) Why do companies use all tools at the same time?
(b) Name and explain the most commonly used non-personal tool of promotion which is paid for by the marketer.
(c) Which tool of promotion will primarily be used for the following?
(i) To promote or protect a company’s image or its individual products.
(ii) An existing product meant for mass usage by literate people.
(iii) To introduce a new product to a particular class of people through door-to-door visits.
(iv) To attract attention of the people by using incentives.
Q4. As a project work in Business Studies subject, the Commerce students of Knowledge School’ though of setting up a recycling plant to recycle all the waste papers from the school and prepare registers and exercise books to be used by the school students. They approached their principal who not only appreciated the idea of the students but also give her consent for the same. The school also decided to donate 50% of the revenue generated from the sale of registers and excercise books to a nearby blind school.
(a) State the product related decisions which the children have to take.
(b) Suggest any two factors the children should keep in mind while choosing the right name for their exercise books and registers.
(c) Identify any two values communicated to the society by this project of ‘Knowledge School’ (5)
Q5.Innovators Ltd. is business from manufacturing water purifier. It has already been manufacturing water purifiers since last 10 years. Now it has come up with a latest innovation in the field of RO purifiers which will avoid wastage of water. It knows that there are many competitors in the field as :- Whirlpool, Aquaguard, Zero B, Kent, Eureka Forbes, LG etc.
Q1. Which value is adopted by the company? (1)
Q2. Suggest which factors should it keep in mind white fixing the price ofpurifier (any 3) (3)
Q3. Which channel of distribution should the company adopt? (1)
Q4. Which is the most appropriate sales promotion methods for this. (1)
Q6. Mr. Akshay is the Sales Manager of Nova Ltd. Since sometime, performance of his department has failed to reach the acceptable level. It is a matter of concern for the General Manager. He is keen to mend this dismal situation at any cost. Mr. Akshay made efforts to find out the causes of this situation. He found that the members of his team lacked training and that giving incentive to the buyers was absolutely necessary.
To impart training to his team members he set up a training center and appointed a trainer for this purpose. The trainer imparted them necessary training keeping in mind the actual situation. Besides Mr. Akshay launched a scheme for the customers. Under this scheme, a coupon is to be issued to that consumer who buys goods to a specified date. Later on, draw will be taken by a given date and will be distributed among the winners. Identify the said training and sales promotion methods. (3)