Essay on Tiger for Class 4

A tiger is a wild creature that resembles a significant feline. Tiger is the most splendid tissue eating creature in its feline family. It has a solid body, and it is similarly ground-breaking like a Lion. It is found in various Asia, primarily India, Bhutan, China, Siberia, Malaysia, and so forth. It is the public creature of India, just as Bangladesh.
We are providing two essay samples for students of class 4 on the topic ‘Tiger’ for reference.

Short Essay on Tiger of 100 Words

Tiger is a wild creature that lives in woodlands. It is a rapacious well-evolved creature that goes afterlife forms like deer. They are snappily paced and are exceptionally quick.
The tiger group is in red or orange with light-dark stripes on a superficial level. They have a length of 6 to 10 feet and weigh almost 660 pounds when they arrive at development. Tigers have a savage thunder; however, they don’t meddle with people except if they hit or cause them to hurt.
These creatures can be delightful while working on the web. They are considered the national animal of the great nation India.
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Long Essay on Tiger of 150 Words

Tigers are creatures that live in nature. They are eager creatures that go after more modest life forms. Their food comprises typically of deer and pigs. These creatures grow up quickly and achieve development at around 3 or 4 years.
They can live for as long as 20 years in nature. Guys of the species are heavier than their female partners as they have distinctive body capacities. The youthful ones of tigers are known as fledglings and require unique consideration at the hour of their introduction to the world.
This is the motivation behind why a large portion of the whelps don’t get by in nature. They have jeopardized species, and their number has been declining for as long as a decade. Endeavors are being made to monitor these warm-blooded animals, and it has seen some improvement in nations like Nepal, India, Russia, and China.
These creatures are brutal yet delicate, so they should stay in the wild with no human impedance.

10 Lines on Tiger in English

  1. Tiger is the most extraordinary wild creature in the feline family; it is one of the wilderness’s most grounded animals.
  2. Tiger is a “Rapacious” creature, which implies it is a substance eating creature; it chases different animals for food.
  3. Tiger has a long and solid body. It has four legs, solid paws with sharp nails, and one tail.
  4. It is generally found in orange tone with dark stripes on it, yet white tigers have a dark line on white skin.
  5. Generally, their eyes are like feline’s eye; however, the white tiger has blue eyes.
  6. Tigers produce the sound of “Thundering” which can be gotten with 3 km away.
  7. Tigers satisfy 26 years when they live in the wilderness; however, they live just 16-18 years in the zoo.
  8. A tiger can eat around 25 to 27 kg of substance in one day.
  9. Female tigers are called “Tigress,” and it brings forth its posterity called “Whelp”.
  10. On a normal tigress brings forth 3-4 offspring at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tiger Essay

Is the tiger very nearly being wiped out?
Till now, the tiger exists in many nations of the world, and their numbers have been going up altogether.
Where in West Bengal would tigers be able to be found precisely?
Tigers are found in the northern pieces of West Bengal.
For what reason does a tiger transform into a man-eater?
A tiger transforms into a man-eater on the off chance that it doesn’t get food in the backwoods or on the off chance that it gets old and doesn’t have the teeth needed to stir the food.