Epsilon Naught Value

Epsilon Naught is synonymous to the permittivity of free space or absolute permittivity or electric constant, represented by the Greek alphabet ε0. The Epsilon Naught value is constant at any part of the universe. It is often miss-used as the value of Epsilon not. Permittivity is the measure of the opposition offered against the formation of an electric field.

Value Of Epsilon Naught

The permittivity of free space(ε0) is the capability of the classical vacuum to permit the electric field. It as the definite defined value which can be approximated to

ε0 = 8.854187817 × 10-12 F.m-1 (In SI Unit)


ε0 = 8.854187817 × 10-12 C2/N.m2 (In CGS units)

Epsilon Naught Units

The permittivity of free space(ε0 ) can be expressed using the SI unit as well as CGS units. Following table brief the Epsilon unit –

Epsilon Naught UnitsUnits
Epsilon Naught in SIFarad per meter or F.m-1
Epsilon Naught in CGSColumb square per Newton meter squared or C2/N.m2

Epsilon Naught Physics

In physics, the Epsilon Naught value has good significance. Some of them are listed below.

  • It represents the dielectric permittivity of the free space.
  • The value of Epsilon Naught is used in calculating the dielectric constant of a material.

Hope you got to know the Epsilon naught along with Epsilon naught unit in SI unit and CGS unit, its significance and applications in various part of physics.

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