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NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 27 Chuskit Goes to School

EVS not only teaches the student about the environment but also teaches us the intricacies of life. It teaches us how to handle difficult situations in life and measures to make it easier. Students can download NCERT Solutions from the links given below.


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Page No: 210

Chuskit’s Dream

1. How do you go to school?


I go to school on my bicycle.

2. Find out where Ladakh is. What kind of a place is it?


Ladakh is situated in Kashmir. It is the highest plateau of India, being over 3000m. It is a very cold place.

Chuskit’s Chair

1. What are the things that you enjoy doing in school?


I enjoy learning, talking and playing with friends in school.

2. Do you like going to school?


Yes, I like to go to school.

3. Would you like it if you never could go to school?


No, it would be miserable if I could never go to school.

A Good Idea

Talk about it

1. Who all helped Chuskit to reach school?


Abdul, Headmaster, teachers and children of the school helped Chuskit in reaching school.

2. If you were Abdul what would you have done?


If I were Abdul I would have done the same thing what Abdul did.

3. At last, Chuskit could reach school. Do you think that she may face some difficulties in school? What kind of difficulties? If you were Chuskit’s friend, how would you help her?


Yes, I think she would have to face problems such as climbing the stairs and so on. She can’t play like normal children.

Being Chuskit’s friend I would help her in going around places and support her in all possible ways.

4. Do you have ramps in your school on which a wheelchair can move?


Yes, I have ramps in my school.

5. Do you know any child near your house who cannot go to school because of some difficulty? Would you like to help such a child? How will you help?


Yes, I know a child who lives near my house who cannot go to school because of his blindness. I would like to help such a child. I would try to convince his parents to send him to the school for the blinds. Also, I would read out lessons and stories for him.

6. Look at the buildings around your house. Can a wheelchair go inside the building?


Yes, a wheelchair can go inside the building.

7. Chuskit and her School

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Help Chuskit to reach school


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