WWF Full Form

What is the full form of WWF?

1) The full form of WWF is the World Wide Fund for Nature. It is among the world’s top conservation groups to protect the natural environment and create peace among human beings and nature.

On 29 April 1961, the organization was created. It opened an office in the region of the Swiss town of Morges & is registered under Swiss legislation. It has companies around the globe in more than eighty nations & hires around 6000 full-time workers. It is funded by about 5 million members worldwide, in addition to the full-time staff.

WWF concentrates on various significant categories to attain its purpose

  • Biodiversity – It relates to the abundance of life on earth. It involves the many types of plants and animals that exist on the planet. To preserve the earth’s abundant biodiversity, the group begins with thorough organisms and areas which need to be preserved.
  • Footprint – it focuses on human activity that destroys the wealth of nature.

2) Another full form of WWF is the World Wrestling Federation. WWF is now recognized as WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). It is an American entertainment business that specializes in professional wrestling. Its headquarters is situated in Stamford, Connecticut, USA. It was established as the CWC (Capitol Wrestling Corporation) by Jess McMahon & Toots Mondt in 1952. The names change many times previously from World Wide Wrestling Federation to WWF to WWE.

In the past, it has included different iconic & big wrestling matches. Currently, in more than one fifty countries worldwide, it broadcasts numerous high-profile shows like Raw, SmackDown & Wrestlemania. The 24/7 streaming network was launched in 2014 to highlight the complete WWF database.

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