Tabulation MCQ with solved answers

Tabulation is the planned or structured statistical data arrangement in rows or columns. It includes a well ordered and systematic demonstration of numerical data to analyse and check the data efficiently. It also refers to a chart, table, and diagram etc.
Given below are important MCQs on tabulation to analyse your understanding of the topic. The answers are also given for your reference.

Tabulation MCQs

Question 1
The arrangement of data in rows and columns is called
(A) Frequency distribution
(B) Cumulative frequency distribution
(C) Tabulation
(D) Classification
Answer C
Question 2
When the quantitative and qualitative data are arranged according to a single feature, the tabulation is known as
(A) One-way
(B) Bivariate
(C) Manifold-division
(D) Dichotomy
Answer A
Question 3
Which function does the tabulation origin spot specify?
(A) The list of integers
(B) The list of max terms
(C) The list of minterms
(D) None
Answer A
Question 4
In the table, the unchecked term is known as
(A) Prime Implications
(B) Old Implications
(C) Even implicant
(D) None
Answer A
Question 5
Tabulation form exercises
(A) Gates
(B) Demorgan’s postulate
(C) Matching process cycle
(D) Venn diagram
Answer C
Question 6
The first tabulation method was known as
(A) Quine-McCluskey
(B) Cluskey
(C) McQuine
(D) None
Answer D
Question 7
The table where the variables are subdivided with interrelated features are known as
(A) Order level table
(B) Sub parts of table
(C) One way table
(D) Two-way table
Answer D
Question 8
In a tabular presentation, the summary and presentation of data with different non-overlapping classes are defined as
(A) Frequency distribution
(B) Chronological distribution
(C) Ordinal distribution
(D) Nominal distribution
Answer A
Question 9
General tables of data used to show data in an orderly manner are called as
(A) Double characteristic table
(B) Manifold tables
(C) Repository tables
(D) Single characteristics tables
Answer C

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