Marketing vs Branding

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a process that involves identifying the potential customer, analysing their needs, targeting them with the product and services and inculcating an interest to buy a product or services. Marketing is a process that brings both the company and the customers together to exchange goods and services. The aim of marketing is not only selling a product or services but also building a relationship with the customer, maintaining that relation, and generate revenue for a long time. The essential elements of marketing, the 4P’s – Product, Price, Place and Promotion determines the growth of a product that leads to profitable sales.

What is Branding?

Branding is an amalgamation of different things like name, logo, sign, slogan that helps the customers to recognise and differentiate a company from other sellers. Branding involves creating a unique name, images, logos for a product that settles in the mind of the customers. The uniqueness helps the customers to recognise a particular product, establish the fondness and build trust. Brading is one of the marketing practices that aims to place a remarkable presence in the market, attract customers, develop confidence, enhance their experience and retain them for a longer time.

Given below in a tabular column are the differences between Marketing and Branding.

Basis MarketingBranding
MeaningMarketing brings the company and the customers together for an exchange of goods and servicesBranding is a creative process that helps customers to remember a product by their name, logo, image, etc.,
What does it do?Cultivates customersIt builds trust
InfluenceMotivates customers to buy products immediatelyInfluence customer to buy a product by leaving an impact in their mind
CreatesAims at creating customers needCreates a healthy and strong relationship with a customer
PolicyPush customer to buyPull customers to buy
Target AudienceMarketing is for businessBranding is for Customers
ValuePromotes intended valueCreates value
ResultMarketing results in salesBranding brings reputation

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