Factor Cost, Basic Prices and Market Prices – GDP, GVA, CSO

Factor cost: Total cost of all factors of production consumed or used in producing a good or service.
Basic Prices: The basic price is the amount receivable by the producer from the purchaser for a unit of a good or service produced as output minus any tax payable, plus any subsidy receivable, on that unit as a consequence of its production or sale.
Market price: Market price is the price at which a product is sold in the market. It includes the cost of production in the form of wages, rent, interest, input prices, profit etc. It also includes the taxes imposed by the government and the subsidies provided by the government for the producers would also be reflected in the price.
GVA  at factor cost + (Production taxes less Production subsidies) = GVA at basic  prices
 GDP  at market prices = GVA at basic prices + Product taxes- Product subsidies
Basic Price  = Factor Cost + Production taxes – Production Subsidy
Market Price  = Basic Price + Product taxes – Product Subsidy 
or  Market Price = Factor Cost + Net Indirect Taxes
where,  Net Indirect Taxes = Indirect taxes – Subsidy

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