CBSE Schools in East India

list cbse schools east india

Education in eastern India has seen an exponential growth in the recent decades. Several initiatives have been taken by both the government and the populace to make education more efficient and easily available to the masses.

In 2009, India passed the Right to Education Act and became one of the countries to make education as a fundamental right. Now, every child can get free education from class 1 to 8 in any government school.

Several CBSE affiliated schools have been established by the government in the eastern and north-eastern states of India over the past several years. Along with the government schools, numerous private CBSE schools have also been functioning in the eastern region of India providing quality education to the students.

CBSE schools provide education from play school to intermediate. The CBSE affiliated schools follow the NCERT curriculum and provide excellent education to the students. Along with education, CBSE schools in east India also provide exceptional infrastructure and a sublime learning environment for the overall development of the students. The names of the CBSE schools in east India are given here for reference.

Below-given is the list of CBSE schools in the states of West Bengal, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar and all the other states in this region. All these schools are excellent and provide quality education to the students.

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