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Tripura Board Class 12 Textbooks

Tripura Board Class 12 books help understand all complex topics. Every topic is explained in a straightforward language, along with suitable examples and diagrams. The chapters mentioned in the textbook have illustrative examples and practice problems so that students can build command over the concepts. Tripura Board Class 12 textbooks are comprehensive and are best […]

Tripura Board Class 12 Syllabus 2020-2021

The Class 12 exam is conducted by Tripura Board Of Secondary Education (TBSE). TBSE designs the syllabus for Class 12 for all streams – Science, Maths and Arts. The syllabus provides information about the concepts that students will learn throughout the academic year. Class 12 syllabus is prepared by highly skilled subject experts. The syllabus […]

Tripura Board Class 11 Textbooks

Textbooks are an essential source of information for a particular subject. It serves as a guide for students while preparing for the exams. The textbook also provides exercises, assignments, projects, etc. encourages students to score well in their exam. Class 11 students should read their book to clear their doubts related to the concepts they […]

Tripura Board Class 11 Syllabus 2020-21

Class 11 is a completely different academic year where lots of new subjects are introduced. So, students should be well aware of their syllabus before they begin their academic session. Students who want to score well in their exam will find Tripura Board Class 11 syllabus beneficial. With the help of the syllabus, students can […]

Tripura Board Class 11 Sample Question Paper

Sample Paper of Class 11 Tripura Board is based on the actual question paper which helps students in getting an overview of the paper pattern including the types of questions asked, frequently asked topics, marks etc. These sample question papers are prepared by subject matter experts in accordance with Tripura Board Class 11 syllabus. With […]

Tripura Board Class 10 Textbooks

Tripura Board Class 10 textbook is written with detailed content pages and indexes so that students can quickly find what they are looking for. It also provides a proper structure for student’s learning. Each chapter in the textbook follows a logical flow building on the knowledge acquired in previous chapters. The concepts explained in each […]

Tripura Board Class 10 Syllabus 2020-2021

The Tripura Board of Secondary Education conducts Class 10 exam known as Madhyamik Pariksha or Secondary Examination. The Board also prepares the curriculum and syllabus of all subjects for Class 10 students. The syllabus gives students an idea of what to expect during the complete course session. Knowing the syllabus helps students to score good […]

Tripura Board Class 10 Sample Question Paper

Sample Question Paper are a great way to practise for examinations and are essential prior to the exam. Class 10 students of Tripura Board should make sure that they do sample question papers once their course revision is finished. These sample question papers are prepared by subject experts as per the latest syllabus of Tripura […]

Tripura Board Class 9 Textbooks

Textbooks are very important to study. They contain the contents to be learned along with the syllabus topics. Tripura Board Class 9 books follow the curriculum as prescribed by the Board. Students are advised to refer to these textbooks while preparing for the exam. It explains each and every chapter in a simple language with […]