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Rajasthan Board Class 7 Science Syllabus

The Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan (BSER), has designed the Class 7 Science Syllabus composed of four strands like: Living Things Materials Energy and Forces Environmental Awareness and Care. Every strand has certain scientific learning objectives. The Science syllabus is framed in a way such that students create new knowledge and learn about scientific concepts. […]

Rajasthan Board Class 7 Science Textbook

The Science textbook of Class 7 Rajasthan Board consists of a total of 17 chapters, and some of the topics are Components of Food, Nutrition in Animals, Separation of Substances, etc. To excel in their Science exam, students should be thorough with the textbook as it explains each concept in detail. To clear the final […]

Rajasthan Board Class 7 Mathematics Syllabus

Learning Mathematics is a key fundamental in all education system. Every student has different starting points. Some find it as enjoyable; others find it as challenging. Some will find the theorems and results; others will find the formulae and rules. Mathematics underpins many aspects of our daily life. Learning Mathematics is an excellent vehicle to […]

Rajasthan Board Class 7 Maths Textbook

Rajasthan Board Class 7 Maths textbook is considered to be a common resource between teachers and students inside a classroom. The RBSE Class 7 Maths textbook provides every topic in a sequential way, which helps students to understand what to do and when to do. Subject matter experts frame the RBSE Class 7 Maths textbook […]

Rajasthan Board Class 7 English Textbook

Rajasthan Board Class 7 English textbook plays an important role in the teaching and learning process. The RBSE Class 7 English textbook comprises a total of 15 chapters which includes stories and poems. Class 7 English textbook of Rajasthan Board will teach students about topics like The Unique Sacrifice, My Dream School, Outside the Classroom, […]

Rajasthan Board Class 7 Books

Rajasthan State Textbook Board (RSTB) is responsible for framing and publishing textbooks. The textbooks are written in such a way that it should be easy and comprehensible. With the help of interesting and attractive illusions of pictures provided in each chapter makes the students understand the concepts in a better way. A good textbook associates […]

Rajasthan Board Class 7

Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan (BSER), was set up in the year 1957 and constituted under the Rajasthan Education Act. Its headquarters is in Ajmer. Board is responsible for the promotion and development of secondary education. The curriculum varied between schools. The curriculum was influenced by the British School System in state schools. It focuses […]

Rajasthan Class 6 Syllabus

A syllabus acts as a roadmap with instructions to help a student understand what will be covered throughout the year and what will be expected of them year-round. The curriculum framework developed by the SIERT promotes the overall growth of a child. Every year the Rajasthan board issues syllabus for all the classes starting from […]