Yeast and Albugo Questions With Answers

Yeasts are the single-celled, eukaryotic entities belonging to the Kingdom Fungi. Through the process of fermentation, yeasts are known to convert carbohydrates into carbon dioxide and alcohols. Albugo, on the other hand, is a species of Oomycete and generally referred to as white rust. These at times are also referred to as fungi. 1. Yeast […]

Xylem Parenchyma Questions With Answers

Xylem Parenchyma is one of the four elements of the xylem tissue and the only living cell of xylem with a cell wall composed of cellulose. It carries out the critical functionality of storage and radial conduction of water. MCQs On Xylem Parenchyma 1. Which of the following tissue is involved in water conduction? (a) […]

Xylem Parenchyma

Xylem parenchyma is an element of complex tissue called “Xylem”. Parenchyma cells of xylem are mainly involved in the storage of carbohydrate, fats and water conduction. Plant tissues can be categorised based on their structure and functions performed. Plant tissues are classified into two types: Meristematic tissues: Cells which perform cell division and are responsible […]

Work, Energy and Power MCQ for NEET

Work, energy, and power are the most commonly used terms in Physics. Work is defined as the transfer of energy. In Physics, work is said to be done when there is a transfer of energy from one body to another. Also, work is an application of force. Energy is defined as the capacity to do […]

Work Done by Variable Force MCQs for NEET

Work is done by a force if it acts on a body and there is a displacement of the body in the direction of the force. The work done by a constant force is given by W = F.∆x. To calculate the work done by a variable force integration is necessary. If we are calculating […]

Work Done by Constant Force MCQ For NEET

The work done by a constant force is given by the product of the magnitude of the displacement and the parallel component of force along the direction of displacement. An example of work done by a constant force is the work done by a constant force of 5 Newtons on an object having a mass […]

Will NEET Exam Contain Questions Based On Biotechnology?

NEET is a highly coveted medical examination conducted annually, allowing students to seek admissions to medical courses. Since it is a medical entrance exam, students mostly give emphasis on the Biology syllabus as it covers 50% of the NEET question paper, requires thorough attention of students. Before starting to prepare, candidates need to master the […]

Why Solve MCQs For NEET Biology?

Often students come up with a question which goes something like this – “Why solve MCQs for NEET Biology when reading is enough?” This is a valid question, however, it is important to solve questions when it comes to NEET, even if it is the Biology section. Listed below are important reasons which will convince […]

Why Online Coaching Is Must For NEET 2021?

Online coaching has undoubtedly become a progressively growing trend amongst students these days. In addition to the many benefits it offers, its increasing popularity is making it students’ favourite. But when it comes to NEET exams, is the same still applicable? Is online coaching beneficial to students participating in the biggest medical entrance exam in […]