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Best-in-Class Worksheets for Kids

Worksheets for kids are crucial for practising what children learn at school. Kids learn better through resources like worksheets. The set of exciting worksheets for children provided by us incorporates a plethora of topics which will help your little one to excel in his/her studies.  Kids activity sheets are structured to the point. Worksheet questions […]

Single Digit Addition Worksheets for Grade 1

Here we are offering engaging Single Digit Addition Worksheets for Grade 1 students. Math addition worksheets are proven to build a better understanding of the arithmetic operation of addition among kids.   Single digit addition refers to the adding of numbers starting from 0 to 9 which gives a result from the numbers 0 to 10 […]

Essay on Dussehra for Kids

Provided here is a simple yet impressive essay on Dussehra for kids. This essay will help them frame relevant sentences on the given topic. Dussehra is one of the major festivals that is celebrated by Hindus in India. It is an elaborate festival, celebrated with immense enthusiasm, pomp and show throughout the country. Dussehra is […]

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Essay for Kids

Rajendra Prasad was the first President of Independent India. He was a well-read Indian politician. He was a lawyer, professor, scholar and an active figure in India’s independence movement. Here we have given Dr. Rajendra Prasad essay in English for kids. He was an intelligent student and a very admired political leader. Click on the […]

Double Digit Subtraction Worksheets for Grade 1 Kids

Here we will discuss double digit subtraction and offer double digit subtraction worksheets for Grade 1 students. Subtraction is one of the four most important arithmetic operations which are taught to kids their formative years. Double-digit subtraction is the subtraction of one double-digit number from another double-digit number. A good grasp of addition and subtraction […]

Double Digit Addition Worksheets for Grade 1

Here, we have provided double digit addition worksheets for Grade 1 kids. Double digit addition refers to adding two 2-digit numbers mentally starting from 10 to 99. The result of adding two-digit numbers may either be a two or three-digit number. By performing double digit addition sums, children learn to use blocks of tens and […]

An Essay On Diwali

Diwali is one of the most popular festivals of Hindus which is celebrated with great fervour and delight. Kids have a great time when they are asked to write an essay on Diwali as they get an opportunity to share their joyful experiences about the festival. Youngsters usually love this festival as it brings a […]

Maths Division Questions For Kids

Division is another basic operation of simple Arithmetical problems. For new school goers, the division is a new mathematical concept in which the problem is broken down into a series of easy and simple steps. An obelus symbol (÷ or †) is used to represent the mathematical operation of division. Young learners are made to […]