Zeroth Law Of Thermodynamics

Zeroth law of thermodynamics is one of the four laws of thermodynamics. The credit for formulating the law goes to Ralph H. Fowler. Interestingly, the zeroth law of thermodynamics was actually developed much later than the original three laws. However, there was some confusion regarding the nomenclature, whether it should be named the fourth law or […]


What are Zeolites? Zeolites are microporous, three dimensional crystalline solid of aluminium silicate. Zeolites have small openings of fixed size in them which allow small molecules to pass through them easily but larger molecules cannot pass through them; that is why they are sometimes called molecular sieve. Types Of Zeolites Zeolites are either formed naturally […]

Young's Double Slit Experiment

What is Young’s Double Slit Experiment? Young’s double-slit experiment uses two coherent sources of light placed at a small distance apart, usually, only a few orders of magnitude greater than the wavelength of light is used. Young’s double-slit experiment helped in understanding the wave theory of light which is explained with the help of a diagram. A screen […]

Why JEE Exam Is Important?

JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) is a national level exam which is conducted to get into engineering colleges. JEE occurs in two phases – JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Mode of the exam is online/computer based so a candidate has to have knowledge of computer. JEE is one of the toughest exam globally. The difficulty level […]

Which Book Is Best For IIT JEE Preparation?

Paper pattern and the syllabus for JEE Main has been released by CBSE. The JEE Mains score will be applicable to get into B.E./B.Tech and B.Arch. JEE Main will have two papers, Paper I will consist of sections from Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics whereas Paper II includes aptitude, drawing and mathematics. Before getting into preparation […]

What Percentage Is Required For IIT?

The percentage required for IIT is listed below. 75 per cent for candidates belonging to General and OBC-NCL. 65 per cent to the candidates belonging to the categories like SC, ST, and PwD. What this means is that candidates who want to appear for IIT JEE exam must qualify their 12th with 75 per cent […]

What Is The Importance Of JEE Exam?

IIT JEE exam which consists of JEE Main and JEE Advanced is one of the most important entrance exams for engineering aspirants. The exam is held for candidates who are aspiring to pursue a career in the field of engineering and technical studies. Besides, the JEE exam is the gateway to some of the various […]

What Is The Fee Structure In IITs?

IITs are the best institutes to get a degree in engineering. With respect to the knowledge and placement, the IITs undoubtedly provide the best knowledge and placements in top MNC’s of the world with an excellent package. Candidate has to qualify JEE Mains to sit in JEE Advanced, if a candidate gets a high score […]

What Is The Difference Between NATA And JEE Paper 2?

IIT JEE and NATA are two competitive exams held for students who are looking to pursue a career in engineering and architecture. However, these are two totally different exams that are conducted for admissions into different institutes. Highlights of JEE And NATA Exams JEE Mains exam is now conducted two times a year. A candidate […]

What Is The Difference Between IIT And JEE?

JEE stands for Joint Entrance Exam and it is a national entrance exam held for candidates seeking to pursue an engineering course from various colleges across the country. IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology and these are the most prestigious colleges to study engineering in India. Candidates who qualify the JEE exam which consists […]