Himachal Pradesh Board

Himachal Pradesh Board class 7 Science Syllabus

The HPBOSE class 7 science syllabus enables students to examine everyday experiences, acquire methods and process that will develop the thinking process, curiosity and creativity. Science education helps students to understand the need for change and progress of the society.Science education is one of the most important subjects in schools because its relevance to students’ […]

HP Board Class 7 Books

The HPBOSE Class 7 Textbooks are written according to the syllabus and the course outline. These books follow a sequence which helps students to learn the concepts in order. Also, there are different worked out examples are provided in the books for a better understanding of concepts. The exercises at the end of each chapter […]

Himachal Pradesh Board Class 7

Himachal Pradesh Board Of School Education commonly known as HPBOSE came into existence in the year 1969. Its headquarters is in Dharamshala. The board is responsible for prescribing syllabus, textbooks and conducting the exams for secondary school students. The board publishes the textbooks from class 1 to class 10. Some other functions of the board […]

HP Board Class 6 syllabus (2018-19)

Syllabus is undoubtedly one of the most important tools. It lays out rational and practical expectations and outlines chapters in a structured manner. It detects various parameters of the scheme such as structure, content and expectations making it a feasible tool. Organizing a course this way enables students to come up with new ideologies of […]

HP Board Class 6 revised Science syllabus

Science is a multi faceted stream, not limited to one sub field. It enables students to have an imagination of their own to understand various concepts of science and come up with their own personalized interpretations. For all this to occur, acquiring fundamental knowledge of science and its concepts is very essential without which comprehending […]