Zinc Sulfide Formula

Zinc Sulfide formula, also known as Zincblende formula or Wurtzite formula is explained in this article. The structure of Zincblende is simple and consists of the zinc metal-sulfur atom attached to each other via a polar covalent bond. The molecular or chemical formula of Zinc Sulfide is ZnS. It is obtained as a white or […]

Zinc Sulfate Formula

Zinc Sulfate formula, also known as White Vitriol formula or Zincate formula is explained in this article. Its molecular mass in monohydrate form is 179.47 g/mol and heptahydrate form is 287.53 g/mol. The chemical or molecular formula of Zinc Sulfate is ZnSO4. White Vitriol is obtained as a colourless crystalline solid or white powder. It […]

Zinc Phosphate Formula

Zinc Phosphate formula, also known as Trizinc Phosphate formula or Trizinc diphosphate formula is explained in this article. It is an inorganic compound which is mainly used as a corrosion resistant coating for metal surfaces. It is either used as a primer pigment or used in the electroplating process. The molecular or chemical formula of […]

Zinc Nitrate Formula

Zinc Nitrate formula, also known as Zinc dinitrate formula or Celloxan formula is explained in this article. This inorganic compound consists of two nitrogen atoms, six oxygen atoms, and a zinc atom. The chemical or molecular formula of Zinc Nitrate is Zn(NO3)2. It often appears as a colourless to withe crystalline solid. It is highly […]

Zinc Iodide Formula

Zinc Iodide is a chemical compound made of zinc and iodine having a molecular formula ZnI2. It is a white solid that readily absorbs water from the atmosphere. It can be manufactured directly by the reaction of zinc and iodine while refluxing ether. In this short piece of article, let us learn more about the […]

Zinc Hydroxide Formula

Zinc Hydroxide exists as a rare natural mineral in the earth. It is an amphoteric white solid compound that has the ability to dissolve in a solution of strong acid or base. It occurs as three rare earth minerals Wulfingite, ashoverite, and sweetite. Properties Of Zinc Hydroxide Chemical formula Zn(OH)2 Molecular weight 99.394 g/mol Density 3.053 […]

Zinc Chloride Formula

Zinc Chloride, commonly known as the butter of zinc, with a molecular formula ZnCl2, is a colourless or white crystal that is highly soluble in water. The zinc chloride molecule is a binary salt formed by the zinc cation Zn+2 and chloride anion Cl– and can be found as anhydrous or tetrahydrate form. In this […]

Zinc Carbonate Formula

Zinc Carbonate, commonly known as the smithsonite is a mineral ore of zinc with a molecular formula ZnCO3. Zinc carbonate is present as a secondary mineral in the oxidation or weathering zone of zinc-bearing ore deposits. In this short piece of article, learn more about the zinc carbonate formula, its chemical structure, zinc carbonate properties […]

Zinc Bromide Formula

Zinc Bromide is a hygroscopic compound that is easily soluble in water. The zinc bromide forms di-hydrate as ZnBr2 · 2H2O. It is used in organic chemistry as a Lewis acid and also an electrolyte in the zinc bromide battery. It also used as a transparent film shield against radiations. Let us know more about […]

Zinc Acetate Formula

When zinc oxide reacts with acetic acid zinc acetate is formed. Zinc Acetate commonly occurs as dihydrate and is in white crystalline in nature. It is used as a food additive and is also used to treat zinc deficiencies in humans. Zinc acetate is a white colour solid of all the forms. Properties Of Zinc Acetate […]