Why Are There So Many Numbers?

As homo sapiens started to develop their cognitive ability, there came a need for a system to count, label and measure items. The first examples wherein a number system was found was a really long long time ago, wherein bones were found with tally marks showing possible marking of days or for counting sheep. But […]

What is CGPA? Know here!

Class 10th CBSE board results are expected to be announced on May 21st. Students can download their result from CBSE’s official site Lakh of student appears for CBSE examination. Since the year 2011, CBSE has started the system of announcing the results in CGPA. Many students and parents are confused as how to calculate […]

western private model school

School Name Western Private Model School Address P.O Box. 11812 Gyathi Ruwais Abu Dhabi U A E United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Head/Principal Mrs. Rajalekshmi.N (M.A, B.Ed) Status Secondary School Phone Number 00971 28742002 , 8743089 505217014 School Type Independent CBSE Affiliation Type Provisional CBSE Affiliation Period 1/4/2009 To 31/3/2014 Founded In 1998 Website […]

sks international school

School Name Sks International School Address Gram Dehri Rangwasa, Tehsil And District Indore Indore Madhya Pradesh 452009 India Head/Principal Sunita Thombre (Ma B.Ed) Status Senior Secondary Phone Number 07314086441 School Type Independent CBSE Affiliation Type Provisional CBSE Affiliation Period 1/4/2013 To 31/ 3/ 2018 Founded In 1980 Website Not Specified Fax Number Not Specified Email […]

Six CBSE Mandatory Subjects

CBSE Board exam for Class X would be having six subjects to study for students instead of five from next year as the board has remodeled its assessment scheme. Presently the Xth standard students have five subjects to study viz.  Mathematics, social science, two languages, and science.  There are choices available for students to pursue […]

CBSE Syllabus for Class 7 for 2020-2021 Academic Year

It is extremely important to know the CBSE Class 7 Maths Syllabus before students start their studies. It gives them an overview of the topics that they will study during the entire session. Here we have provided CBSE Class 7 Maths syllabus for the students. It will help them in preparing an effective study plan. Through […]

Science Project on Water Pollution

River water is the source of fresh water and is very important for a sustained life. We need fresh water for drinking, cooking, and washing. Not only human beings, animals as well as fishes, aquatic plants are depended on clean river water. The water pollution occurs when pollutants are not removed from the water and […]

Water Harvesting

Rain Water harvesting is the act of collecting rainwater. The rainwater is stored for various kinds of use and can be filled into the ground water apart from water tank and other means of storage. Aim To make a water harvesting model. Materials required Two liter of bottle and a pop bottle A tape and […]

Drawing Out A Glass Jet

Glass is a material which softness on heating and can be made into the desired shape. Glass is used in manufacturing laboratory equipment, marbles, paperweights, mirrors, decorative articles, windows and TV screens. Glass is a transparent material which acquires various colors by the addition of electrically charged ions that are distributed evenly. Let us learn […]