Difference Between Apogamy and Apospory

In plants, apospory and apogamy are two types of asexual reproduction processes. These processes are typically present in plants such as liverworts and mosses (Bryophytes). At a glance, one significant difference between these two types of reproduction processes is that, in apogamy, the embryo develops without fertilization. In apospory, the gametophyte develops from the 2n sporophyte directly. Read on to explore more differences between the two:

Difference Between Apospory and Apogamy

Apogamy is an asexual method of reproduction in plants where the gametophyte develops from the sporophyte Apospory is also an asexual method of reproduction where sporophyte develops from the gametophyte.
Produces a diploid gametophyte Produces a haploid embryo
Gametes are formed without the formation of gametophytes The embryo is formed without the process of fertilization

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